Life is not a jar of Mandarin oranges.

I finally got my jar open. Wooo! Go me!

Then I got greedy. I thought to myself, you know what would make these taste even better? Let’s crisp them, stick ’em in the freezer. It is going to be grand. So I pop the jar in there, about 10/15 minutes later I’m feeling kind of tired. So I decide to go to bed.

And I left the fricking oranges in the freezer.

So much disappointment upon myself.

I wake up and my Mandarin oranges are sounding like a great breakfast idea. I stroll my happy self to the kitchen. The world slows down as the suddenly revelation of my ghastly mistake. My eyes widen and I rush to the fridge with a no leaving my lips. I bust open the door and there they are. My oranges, in all their frozen glory.

I had to wait half the day for that jar to thaw out. That’s when I thought the Mandarin orange metaphor was not such a great idea.

Perhaps the idea for a metaphor of life is a bit more sophisticated than a 1 am epiphany. I mean life is complex. Its scary, complex, and confusing.

A lot of times we try to ignore it.

We try to control it.

We try to stop it from changing us, affecting us.

We are constantly told to embrace life. Who actually does that whole-heartedly? It’s rather frightful. You have to deal with the issues that come it, big and small. There’s the comings and goings, goodbyes and hellos. All those people, it’s exhausting. Then you have to deal with the unexplainable events, the surprise events, the events you know are coming but really don’t want them to. Responsibilities, time-management, decisions, emotions, motivation, ethics, getting a proper amount of sleep, that’s all swirling around. Pick and choose, how to best get through the chaos of this world.

I wish it was easier.

But the sky was beautiful today.

And life, with all its pressing matters, didn’t seem so bad.



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